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Ivy Chan  Marketing Manager
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Product Name:WP-061 Money safe box
Market Price:39.90    
Updated:2024-7-15 9:42:55

Product Nane: Money safe box 

Model : WP-061

Size: 13*12*18.5CM

Materials : ABS 

Colour : Red /blue /white  /other

Packing: 12pcs/ctn

Other : With 3 AA batteries (no including )

Remarks: We can print your LOGO and according to your request to pack.  



  1)Money safe is made in  accordance with European safety and EMC regulation , attested by the label "CE" fixed on the  box .

2)Not suitable for the chidren under 3 years old as the toy is electrical and mechanical in nature .

3)The "Money safe" is recommended for the ages 6 and up.



Using the safe :
1)To open the safe ,you have to enter a four-digit code . the preset code for the safe is 0000.
2)You may eithe use the preset code or enter you own .See"Changing the code ".
Changing the Code:
***The factory default code of the safe is 0000.
1)Enter the current code (default:0000)and open the door .
2)Hold the * button down. Both green and re lights flash.
3)Within 15 seconds ,enter the new 4 digit code. Press # to store your new code, both lights stop flashing .
Note: if the new code is not entered within 15seconds the procedure will terminate and you will have to restart the procedure.
4) Release the  * button and close the door of the safe .
Note : if you forget the code it can be reset to factory default by removing and reinstalling the batteries. 
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TEL: 0086-755-8418 2509  FAX:0755-84182508 Factory Address: Shan Xia Industrial Park,Peng Hu Town ,Long Guang District.Shen Zhen City ,Guang Dong Province ,China
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