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Ivy Chan  Marketing Manager
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Product Name:WP-065/Space hydration meter
Market Price:29.50    
Updated:2023-9-27 10:2:17

Product parameters: 

Product Nane: Space hydration meter 

Model : WP-065

Water tank :30ml

Battery specifications: 3.7V 200mAh

Size: 136*55*49mm

Materials : ABS 

Colour : Red  /White  /Pink

Packing: 100pcs/ctn

CTN size: 58*28.5*30.5cm

Other : With 3 AA batteries (no including )

Remarks: We can print your LOGO and according to your request to pack. 




1) Face down the product ,then take the water container out by revolving itself.

2)Keep container up ,pour in the water and no overflow. 

3) Revolve the water container tightly on the upper pat.


4)Long press the power switch ,the blue light on ,then start to spray the nano water mist ,please keep 15cm to your face for better moisturizing.



The product will power off automatically after 2 minutes work.
Please make sure to full charge when first use, blue light for charging ,blue light off for full carging . Long press the power switch in 3 seconds to power on, then spray with blue light , short press to power off .
1)Please clean the facial stesmer before using ,then pour some mineral water into the container.
2)Power on the facial steamer ,then keep 15cm and 45 degree from your face .
3)After spraying , press a facial tissue on face to avoid gasifying the water from you skin.
4)If block up the product , please clean it by clean water and cotton swab. then put it in cool and dry place.
5) Please maker sure to use the mineral water ,do not use the purified water ,distilled water and tap water , never use high concentration make-up water.
(Please do not leave the water in container over 24 hours , in case of blacking up)
1.Please don't put water insoluble material into the water ,as the refined oil and fruit juice etc.
2. If the mist sprayer with water and electricity, but no mist spraying ,please shake the sprayer .
3.Please don't use merrcury , alkaline, strong acid detergent to clean the tank
4. Please don't use when skin injured.
5.Please don't suse when charging .
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TEL: 0086-755-8418 2509  FAX:0755-84182508 Factory Address: Shan Xia Industrial Park,Peng Hu Town ,Long Guang District.Shen Zhen City ,Guang Dong Province ,China
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